Wednesday, 5 October 2011

*Updated* Leopard Print Blanket


I recently received an email from Barefoot Dreams informing me that they do not have many retailers in Europe but there are a few sites that deliver Barefoot Dream's products worldwide.

Dream a little dream with me

This company sells the above blanket but it is currently sold out and will be available in the new year. They retail this blanket for $60.00. They also sell other Barefoot Dreams blankets though.

Another website they mentioned was California Cozy, they sell loads of different types of Barefoot Dreams blankets.


I was just looking through Kourtney Kardashian's website and saw this leopard print Blanket that she has for her little boy Mason.

I like going on her website because she always has nice clothing for Mason as well as herself - sometimes I get a bit upset because the clothes/shoes are only available in the US. *sad face*

This blanket is made by Barefoot Dreams who I don't believe deliver to the UK but I have seen this blanket on Ebay....Blanket price is $59.99 - Approx. £38.86

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