Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Bugaboo Missoni Collection

I've just done the post about the new Fendi Stroller and I've heard that the Fendi Stroller is going to try to compete against the Bugaboo Missoni Cameleon. I'm not too sure about this as they both offer different things and they are both successful companies in their own right.

I do prefer the Missoni Bugaboo as I prefer bright colours rather than the dull brown of the Fendi stroller, also the Bugaboo is probably a bit more affordable RRP. £880.00.

Bugaboo Missoni Cameleon

Peppermint are currently having a sale and are selling the Bugaboo Missoni Cameleon for £792.00.

Bugaboo Missoni Cameleon Carrycot

Bugaboo Bee Plus Missoni
Peppermint are currently selling the Bugaboo Bee Plus Missoni, it is priced at £579.00. The Bugaboo Bee plus Missoni also comes with a knitted blanket with the signature Missoni design.

Why wasn't this about when I was pregnant? *sad face*

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