Tuesday, 31 January 2012

WrestleMania Kiddiewear Special!!!

I've done a kid's clothing post for the Super Bowl and I'll be doing another post for the Olympics, but this post is all about WrestleMania. Which will be taking place on April 1st 2012.

With the main event of the night, John Cena vs The Rock - which wrestler will you and your lil one be cheering on?

John Cena 'Rise Above Hate' Toddler T-Shirt, $14.99 from WWEShop.com

John Cena 'Rise Above Hate' Baby Creeper, $14.99 from WWEShop.com

John Cena 'Rise Above Hate' Illustrated T-Shirt, $9.99 from WWEShop.com
The Rock Baby Creeper, $14.99 from WWEShop.com

The Rock Bib, $9.99 from WWEShop.com

The Rock Toddler T-Shirt, $14.99 from WWEShop.com

The Rock Red Bull Youth T-Shirt, $19.99 from WWEShop.com

I've also been on a website called Cafe Press which has a few wrestling themed baby clothing which is quite fun.

Wrestling (It's In My Blood) Baby Onesie, $18.50
Also available in Kiwi, Pink & Sky Blue.

Wrestling (It's In My Blood) Infants T-Shirt, was $14.50 now $12.00
Also available in Blue, Pink & White.

Wrestling Baby Onesie, $18.50
Also available in Pink, Kiwi & White.

Light-Weight Champion Belt Onesie, $18.50

I ♥ Wrestling Onesie, $18.50
Also available in Pink, Kiwi & White.

I ♥ Wrestling Tee, was $28.00, now $24.00

I found this nice John Cena PJ from George (Asda) for my UK readers :), priced from £9.00.

The baby clothing seems to be quite limited :(- I'll update if/when I find more.

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