Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Blue Ivy Carter's Adidas Wings

Jay Z has put up a picture of Blue Ivy Carter's first pair of trainers...and I was very impressed that they were the best crib trainers I have ever bought...

Jeremy Scott Adidas Wings

I bought these for my daughter before she was even born - I saw them on the Adidas UK website and just fell in love with them.

When they could eventually fit my daughter whenever she wore them people would just stare at her feet and often say "ahhh..them trainers are so cute".

This is the picture that was put on Jay Z's website Life + Times with the title "JetBlue" along with the caption "Blue's first flight".

These are not available on the Adidas website at the moment so I have made sure to put up the ones I have for when I decide to have another baby.

Hopefully they will be re-stocked soon, Adidas will make so much money.

Every new parent will want to get these for their kids.

They really are cute.

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