Saturday, 8 December 2012

Kiddiestyle101 ♥'s Trumpette

I've never bought anything from Trumpette but I will be in the near future.

I have mentioned the Trumpette brand in previous posts, as I have come across the Trumpette range on several US websites and I love their sock range...they don't just sell socks, they have Tee's, Hats, Bags...even have a shoe range too.

The Trumpette range would make great gifts.

Trumpette Football Boot Design Socks, £16.95, from Tiny Tot Shop

Cowboy Socks, $26.50, from Trumpette

Trumpette Baby Low -Top Tennis Socks, £16.95, from Tiny Tot Shop

Trumpette Boat Shoe Baby Socks, £16.95, from Tiny Tots Shop

 Toddler Skater Johnny Socks, $29.50, from Trumpette

*Blogger's Choice*

Mary Jane Socks With Lace Around Cuff, $31.50, from Trumpette

*Blogger's Choice*

Trumpette Tenny Jenny Socks with Bow, £16.95, from Tiny Tot Shop

Get prepared for St Patrick's day with these Mary Jane Shoe Socks With A Clover Leaf Design, $15.50, from Trumpette.

Your little boy will love these bright green Clover Leaf Argyle Socks, $15.50, from Trumpette.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*

 Ballerina Socks, $29.50, from Trumpette

Trumpette Mickey Silhouette Socks, £17.95, from Tiny Tot Shop

Trumpette Girl's Juliette Couture Socks, £9.93, from Bloomingdale's

Trumpette Oxford Socks, £22.24, from Bloomingdale's

Headphone Hat, $27.50, from Trumpette - Different colours available.

Ribbed Triple Bow Tights, $22.50, from Trumpette

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*

Metallic Maryjane Tights, $22.50, from Trumpette

Orange Jersey Moccasins, $29.50, from Trumpette

Brown PVC Moccasins, $27.50, from Trumpette

Glitter Mimi's, $29.50, from Trumpette

Boat Shoes, $23.50, from Trumpette

Glitter Tennis Shoes, $29.50, from Trumpette

Trumpette online do not deliver to the UK but Tiny Tot Shop and Bloomingdale's do.

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