Monday, 3 December 2012

Maternity Wear Fit For A Queen

Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge who have announced that they are expecting their first child.

So what will Kate's maternity style be?
We all know that designers will be inundating the royal family with pieces.

Who will she be wearing? 

Will she go high street or designer?

Kate has had such an influence on fashion since marrying Prince William, will her maternity style be as influencing?

'Tulip Maternity Dress'

I could definitely see Kate wearing one of these Tulip Maternity Dress', £115.00, from Tiffany Rose - I think I prefer the beige version more.

'Flounce Tea Dress'

This Flounce Tea Maternity Dress, £169.00, from Tiffany Rose is very classy.

'Amelia Lace Dress'
The Amelia Lace Maternity Dress, £169.00, from Tiffany Rose looks like it was made specially for Kate. It would go perfectly with her engagement ring.

This Lace Maternity Dress, £149.00, from Tiffany Rose, would look nice on Kate.

'Victoria Tie Dress'
from Isabella Oliver

Kate loves to wear dresses and is not often seen in trousers but these Slim-Fit Maternity Trousers, £96.00, from Tiffany Rose would look lovely with a loose top and a maternity pea coat.

Pea Coat, £249.00,
from Isabella Oliver
I haven't seen the Duchess in a pair of jeans for a long time, but just for those days when she feels to dress down then these Monroe Maternity Jeans, £99.00, from Isabella Oliver will be perfect...

...along with this Turtleneck Top, £55.00, also from Isabella Oliver. 

Maybe she'll take maternity wear inspiration from the late Princess Diana?

I'm looking forward to seeing Kate's baby bump grow and to see how she dresses it.

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