Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Ankle Bangles From Saffron Bells

I came across 'Saffron Bells' on Twitter and thought what they offer parents is a really good idea which is also trendy and stylish.

Ankle Bangles which jingle when your child moves their feet...they make great baby trackers too because you can always hear where you little ones are.

As well as these being great for you a as parent they also help children get to know and understand their little feet, my kids would sit for ages playing with there feet looking all bemused..lol

In Thailand Ankle Bangles are giving to newborns to ward off evil spirits, Saffron Bells also believes in this Thai custom.

Saffron Bells Ankle Bangles are made from solid silver and weight about 23kg, they would make great christening, birthday and baby shower gifts.

Boy's Silver Anklets, £85.00 each / £140 pair

Another great thing about these ankle bangles is that when your child gets older they can be worn as a bracelet.

Girl's Ankle Bangle

Head on over to the Saffron Bells website - they are a new website and could really expand with a regular flow of customers.
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