Friday, 15 March 2013

Happy St Patrick's Day!!!

St Patrick's Day is on Sunday 17th March, so it's time to take out those green outfits and celebrate the day with your little ones.
This post has clothing for your little ones with the traditional colour (Green)

Old Navy are currently having a St Patrick's Day deal...17% off *Excludes some items.
Ends 18th March 2013.

"Lucky" Lucky Charms Tee, $12.94 / $12.00, from Old Navy.

Baby Shirt and Bow Tie Set, $19.94, from Old Navy.

Plaid Shirt, $14.94 / $14.00, from Old Navy.

'Good Luck Charmer' Baseball Cap, $7.94, from Old Navy.

"Born Lucky" St Patrick's Tee, $5.00 / $4.00, from Old Navy.

St Patrick's Day Tee, $7.94 / $6.00, from Old Navy.


This Parrotfish Hat is from GAP's 'Little Aquarium Collection'.

Smocked Print Sundress, $16.94 / $16.00, from Old Navy.

Pocket Cardigan, £14.95, from GAP.

Photographic Print Tee, £7.50, from Next.

Boston Celtics Socks, $7.95, from

Skibz Star Bright Bandana Bib, £10.00, from Skibz

Happy Patrick's Day to all.

Happy St Patrick's Day to all my readers.

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