Friday, 11 October 2013

Product Review: Cybex by Jeremy Scott

 This week I had the privilege to be able to review the Cybex by Jeremy Scott stroller.

"Modern, Trendy, and Beautiful..."

The first thing I noticed about this stroller was how light it is which is definitely important especially when carrying it up and down stairs as well as getting on and off buses which can sometimes be a hassle for us mothers...and fathers.

Assembling the pram had its ups and downs as the instructions could of been a bit brighter instead of the grey colour the manual used, but I was able to put the stroller together quite easily so it wasn't that bad.

The stroller came with an XXL sun canopy which your able to extend to give your child a bit of extra shade, a rain cover and a handrail which can be taken off with great ease.

'After assembling'

Not only is the design on this buggy attractive but the buggy itself is smooth, easy to use, and the brakes are the best I've seen on a pram they don't scuff your shoes which always seems to be the case with buggy brakes.

This buggy is very fashionable and with us living in such a fashion conscious world where we not only want to dress our kids in the latest fashion but we also want to carry our kids and push our kids in the best of the best this buggy ticks all the boxes.
Whilst walking down the road with the buggy I had a lot of compliments and people asking "Where did you buy that buggy?"

Price tag...

The RRP for this buggy is around £400 but bare in mind it can be used from birth up until approx. 3 years or until your child weighs 20kg so you get your monies worth.


Cybex and Jeremy Scott have also made more items for this range.

Changing Bag, £95.00
Baby Carrier, £175.00

Car Seat, £275.00

This range is available at Selfridges & Co.

Thank you Cybex and Jeremy Scott for allowing Kiddiestyle101 to review this product - I loved it and so will many others.
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