Saturday, 26 November 2016

Kiddiestyle101 Gift Ideas.

So it's practically 5 weeks until Christmas. I've just had to recover from counting down my daughter's birthday and now the countdown to Christmas has begun.

This year because the kids are older, it's about getting gifts that will last and they can use on a regular basis.

The two younger ones received tablets last christmas and those have lasted, so this year something similar is on the list.

Fire Kids Edition (Pink)

Fire Kids Edition (Blue)

These Amazon Fire Kids Edition would make perfect Christmas gifts as they will definitely keeps the kids entertained. In my own personal opinion the Amazon store is very limited compared to Apple's App store, but for the price of the tablet you can't complain.

My daughter loves this Candy Floss maker also from Amazon.

Monday, 21 November 2016

KS101 Blogger's Choice Of The Week - Burberry Beige & Red Heart High Top Sneakers

I'm doing my usual browsing through designer websites - looking forward to the Euromillions on Friday. lol

I came across these Burberry High Top Sneakers on the Childsplay Clothing website.

My lil girl would love to open these on her birthday.

I love the bright red with the Burberry check, it's my favourite colour combo.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*

Being it's a Burberry design, I'm sure we've learnt not to expect cheap, but we've also learnt to expect quality so spending £149 shouldn't be too shocking.

Available in sizes 9 - 2.5

When Is Too Old For Dolls?

After coming across a picture posted on Instagram by reality star, Tammy Rivera and seeing the comments made about this of her 11 year old daughter, Charlie, clutching her American dolls whilst having a 'Girls day out'with her mother, it led me to think - Is 11years old too old for dolls?

The comments made were varied, some people felt she was too old for dolls whilst some felt it was a good thing that she was still playing with dolls and being a "child".

The negative comments made under the initial picture led Tammy to post another picture along with a caption defending the fact that her daughter still plays with dolls.

After thinking I asked myself.

"If this was a boy holding his wrestling dolls would people have  to something to say then?"


Saturday, 1 October 2016 Now Sells Kid's Clothes!!!

I'm a Boohoo shopper and I also love wearing matching outfits with my daughter, so when I saw Boohoo now has clothes for kids I was so excited.

"I couldn't wait to do this post."

The first two things to catch my eye were these Bomber Jackets.

Padded Badged Jacket,£20

Padded Bomber Jacket, £18 - Also available in Khaki

I love the blue - hopefully the colour looks as bright in real life as it does in this picture.

I've been looking around for a nice Jacket for my Babygirl and I think I may have found it.

I like this Berry coloured Parka, but sadly they don't have it in Babygirl's size. (Size 5-6 yrs)

Another parka I liked was this Pink Faux-Fur Hooded one.


My daughter likes to rock a pair of Jeans and Sneakers but then there's those days when she wants to be girlie but not too girlie, so these skater style dresses will be perfect.

Lace Trim Dress, £12

Floral Belted Dress, £12

I mentioned earlier my daughter loving Jeans and these are definitely her thing.

Distressed Jeans, £12

Don't worry Boohoo have catered for the boys too - I know my son will love these fav's I've picked out.

There isn't much for boys but after having a daughter I realised how limited clothing is for boys.

I am loving this Boy's Padded Faux-Fur Hooded Coat.


This Long Sleeved Shirt could be worn dressy or casual.


Boohoo has a few tops for boys but they definitely need to stock up  on more Jeans and Trousers.

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Giuseppe Zanotti For Kids.

If it's good enough for Chris Brown's daughter, Royalty, then it's good enough for my babies.

Chris Brown's birthday gifts for his daughter, Royalty
These Giuseppe Zanotti sneakers will definitely have heads turning...- "I was going to say in the playground, but these are defintely not for the playground. lol" - to admire your lil fashionista's shoe game.

Giuseppe Zanotti Junior Ad.

Thursday, 26 May 2016

We're Back!!!!

Kiddiestyle101 is back. "Bigger" & "Better" (I know, Cliché)

I've been thinking alot about which direction I wanted to take this blog in. I know we're called Kiddiestyle101 - "But what about us parents, we need a little loving too."

I love kid's fashion bit I want to be more help to parents, so I've decided to definitely stick with the fashion posts but I will also be giving advice on other kiddie and parent lifestyle related topics, places to go,  products to use.

We've got a new look with new themes and we'll only get bigger and better.

Check out our new logo...

"We've kept the 'hashtag' though... #KS101"

Hope you like the new look.

Thanks for reading.

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