Saturday, 26 November 2016

Kiddiestyle101 Gift Ideas.

So it's practically 5 weeks until Christmas. I've just had to recover from counting down my daughter's birthday and now the countdown to Christmas has begun.

This year because the kids are older, it's about getting gifts that will last and they can use on a regular basis.

The two younger ones received tablets last christmas and those have lasted, so this year something similar is on the list.

Fire Kids Edition (Pink)

Fire Kids Edition (Blue)

These Amazon Fire Kids Edition would make perfect Christmas gifts as they will definitely keeps the kids entertained. In my own personal opinion the Amazon store is very limited compared to Apple's App store, but for the price of the tablet you can't complain.

My daughter loves this Candy Floss maker also from Amazon.

If you want to stay away from technology and invest in something more old school then 'Not On The High Street' is the place to go.

These Animal Character Bean Bags are too cute.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*
These bean bags come in three different sizes which are suitable for all ages.

Priced from £30.00

Kid's and adults would love these.

Another Blogger's Choice:  It's my first nephew's first Christmas this year, this Personalised Red Santa Robe would make a great gift.

'Not on the high street', from £25

A nice winter outfit or a pair of boots make for a nice, practical gift.

These UGG Booties are adorable.

UGG, £40

If your familiar with Kiddiestyle101, then you'll know I love UGG's and like to buy them for my daughter.

"I'm trying to get a pair for my son but the other half isn't having it."

My daughter has added these UGG Bailey Bow Boots to her wishlist.

If your in the mood to splash out then this beautiful Gucci Tartan Coat, would be a perfect gift.


I'm still deciding what the buy my ones for Christmas, so look out for more Kiddiestyle101 gift ideas.

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