Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Cybex PRIAM by CYBEX x Jeremy Scott

Cybex and Jeremy Scott have collaborated once again and as I've become accustomed to JS - I got exactly what I had expected.

CYBEX by Jeremy Scott

I'm in love. ♥️

CYBEX by Jeremy Scott Lux Seat & Frame, £1,450
This collection is definitely my favourite so far. It's classy with a modern edge and is suitable for both sexes.

With the Cybex PRIAM Lux Seat and Frame set, although the price range is quite high, you're purchasing a buggy which will see you through from birth to your child turning approximately 4 years old.

Everything about this pram is what I like.

Aton Q Car Seat, £285

It's like a souped up vehicle.

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Maternity Wear Under £50 ($50 included)

When you're pregnant the most important thing is to be comfortable, but that's not all, it's also about being stylish.

Here are my favourite maternity wear items all under £50.

Bluebelle Maternity Bodycon Dress, £20, from ASOS

Queen Bee Wrap Front Cold Shoulder Dress, £45, from ASOS

Wrap Maternity Dress, $39.98, from Destination Maternity
(Details via picture)

Wrap dresses are great as the offer less restriction to other dresses. The wrap design allows you to wear the dress however tight or loose that  you like.

Maternity Cold Shoulder Dress, £30, from Topshop

Happy Birthday Kiddestyle101!!!

Today is Kiddiestyle101's 6th Birthday.

Look out for more features on the Kiddiestyle101 website as well as our social media accounts.

We've got loads more new stuff coming soon.

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Monday, 31 July 2017

Maternity-Wear Like The Celebs

You may not have the wardrobe or the bank balance of celebs, like Beyoncé and Kim Kardashian, but that doesn't meant you can't dress up your pregnancy bump like they do.

Bey showing us, just because your pregnant with twins, doesn't mean you can't be sexy. 
 (Picture Credit: Beyoncé's Instagram)

ASOS Maternity Bardot Dress, £28

Knot Front Maternity Dress, Destination Maternity, $39.98
Kim Kardashian flaunts her bump whilst pregnant with son, Saint.

Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Wedding Attire For Your Baby Bump.

Finding a comfortable dress that you don't mind wearing for a few hours whilst sometimes standing but thankfully a lot of times sitting, can be hard.

Whether you're going to a wedding as a guest or you have a more important role in the upcoming nuptials, as the Bride-to-be or a Bridesmaid, hopefully I've given you a few ideas to help on that beautiful day.


Tiffany Rose Maternity Gown, £269

Maternity Lace Shift Dress, £140, Tiffany Rose

Embrace Your Bump Maternity Wear

Maternity fashion has become more trendy and people are embracing their baby bumps more - No more hiding the bump under baggy tops, it's all about the bodycon dresses.

Here are a few of my favourites in-store and online.

Jersey Bodycon Dress, £14, Topshop

Floral is a design which is very much in at the moment, so these floral items are perfect for this season.

Rose Ruched Sleeve Tea Dress, £29, Topshop

Mamalicious Floral Print Shirt Dress, £25, Next

Monday, 24 July 2017

Moschino x Jeremy Scott Fall/Autmun 2017 Range

Check out the new Moschino x Jeremy Scott children's range.

I loving this range as it reflects exactly what I would expect from Jeremy Scott, fun, cute and trendy.

Jeremy Scott has shown great work when collaborating with brands. His designs stay true to the Jeremy Scott feel and is evident in his creations with Adidas and Cybex.

Moschino Sleep Sack, £153

This Sleep Sack is so cute and it's also available in pink and blue.

A big changing bag is always a good thing when taking you baby out for the day.

Moschino Teddy Bear Print Changing Bag, £225

Moschino Teddy Bear Blanket, £113
This range has a very "Teddy Bear" theme which makes it cute and age appropriate for a young child whilst I loved the added touch of black and leather for an older child, which gives a more edgier feel without not really seen in children's clothing without sometimes going over the top.
Sweatshirt with a Heart-Eyed Teddy Bear, £68

Friday, 21 July 2017

Novelty Beds

Whilst researching for a piece I did recently on children's bedrooms I came across so many novelty beds I thought why not do a post dedicated to themed beds.

Whether your child loves to play "Pirates" or wants to be next Lewis Hamilton shops have everything catering to all their hobbies and passions.

These beds are definitely in the expensive bracket and we all know that kids never seem to like one thing and stick to it, so buying a novelty bed may feel like waste of money to some people but just to see the smile on their faces and the happy run to their new bed...that out weighs everything.

"Does it really?"

"No, but it sounded good."

Here are my top picks from the Internet.

Boat Bed, £499.99

London Bus Bunk Bed, £614.99

Does your son want to be the next Lewis Hamilton?

Maybe your daughter wants to be the next Danika Patrick. This Gran Turismo Bed would definitely get them on the right path. (No pun intended)
Gran Turismo Bed, £439.99
This BMW Car Bed With LED Lighting is definitely a *KS101 Blogger's Choice*. It's a bit on the pricier side, (£599.99 on some sites) but it's something my son, Hero, would love.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*

Saturday, 15 July 2017

Beyoncé Unveils Picture of Twins, Sir Carter & Rumi Carter

It's been a month and we've all be wanting to how are Beyoncé and Jay-Z's babies are doing and who do they look like.

Well look not further, Beyoncé has finally released a picture of her and the twins.

Sir Carter (Boy) and Rumi Carter (Girl).

What a beautiful picture. The babies look adorable and Beyoncé looks glowing.

It looks like those dance moves have really helped with the snap back. Her stomach is flat as a pancake.

It's lovely to see mummy and babies are doing good.

I can't wait to see their wardrobe.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Interior Style: Bedrooms

Kiddiestyle101 doesn't just bring you kid's fashion we also love interior designing.

Having a teenager (Trav, 15) as well as younger children, (Hero,7, and Symphony, 6) their bedroom needs are very different. Trav needs storage/desk for clothing and study work whilst the younger two need space for their toys and to play.

Compact Space:

Of course we need to think about beds and that's one of the most important things to think about when you have limited space.

Does the bed have storage space?

Should I get a bunk bed?

Just Kids Franky Single Bunk Bed, £959.85, Way

This bunk bed comes complete with 3 drawers, a bookshelf and a cupboard. With all the storage that this bed provide you won't need extra storage for smaller items of clothing or toys.
Another good think about this bed is that it separates into two single beds.

I am a little concerned about my child being so high on the third bunk and purchasing this bed depends largely on the height of your room, but putting aside my low tolerance of heights and my low ceilings this triple bunk bed is perfect for a large family.

Just Kids 3 Tier Triple Bunk Bed, £409.99

I love the design of this Stompa L-Shaped Bunk Bed with a shelving unit and built-in desk.

This bed is not cheap. It's currently priced at just under £1600. 

Yes, that does sound a little on the expensive side but think how much it would cost to buy a separate desk, bed and sleeper bed/mini chaise lounge.  

I have found this bed available on another website, where you can buy the pieces individually. 

Price starts at just a little over, £500.

White. A neutral colour for boys....

...and girls.

Definitely a *KS101 Blogger's Choice*.

My Overall winner for practicality, style and price has to be this high sleeper with an attached desk, drawer, bookshelf and a small wardrobe all for under, £650. This bed is also available in white.

Montana Mezzine High Sleeper

Sunday, 2 July 2017

Shopping: Swimwear, Prices For Everyone!!!

The weather is getting better so I've been preparing myself to take the kids swimming. Every year I need to update the kids swimwear because they have either grown out of it or no longer like it and just want something new.

This post is aimed at all my readers. Whether you are on a budget or you're well off and can afford the high-end products.

In the UK, George@Asda is always a good place to shop for low priced products. Their swimwear selection is very good and the prices are great too.

Pineapple Foil Print Swimsuit and Skirt Set, £7

Laser Cut Bikini, £6

I took Symphony swimwear shopping and she saw this swimsuit which she loved, so obviously I had to buy.

*Blogger's Choice*

Marvel Swim Shorts, £6

MOLO Nalia Bikini, £33, Selfridges

Saturday, 13 May 2017

Shopping: New Air Max's For Symphony!!!

I recently bought these Nike Air Max for my lil girl (Sym) and she loves them.

They look even better in person.

Nike Air Red Bronze Sneakers, £49.99

I had bought Sym a beige suedette duster coat and a T-Shirt from Boohoo and thought these would look great with it and a pair of navy blue jeans.

T-Shirt from Boohoo goes perfectly.
I've seen this Rose Gold Metallic Cagoule on the Next website which would go great with the Nike's.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*
When I buy sneakers for my kid's I like them to stand out.

These Red Bronze Cortez are cute too. Not as nice as the Air Max's - in my opinion - but a decent pair of trainers all the same.

Nike Red Bronze Cortez Sneakers

Bomber Jackets Here, Bomber Jackets There Bomber Jackets Everywhere.

Bomber Jackets are the best style of Jackets for this time of year.

In the UK Spring can be a little chilly as well as a few glimpses of sunshine, so I find Bomber Jackets the best at keeping my children warm and cool when needed.

I love this Ruffle Sweat Bomber Jacket for my daughter. It's from River Island and is only £20.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*

Khaki Mesh Bomber Jacket, £15

The last Bomber Jacket I purchased for my son was a longline on which comes to just above his knees. I like to stay far from the norm so this Grey Acid Wash Bomber Jacket from River Island is a definite buy.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*

Boy's Suede-Look Bomber Jacket, £35

Friday, 5 May 2017

KimYe Debuting New Kids Clothing Range.

Kim Kardashian took to Twitter to announce that she and husband, Kanye West will be debuting their new kid's range, The Kids Supply on Friday 5th May 2017.

"The West's"

I can imagine Kim naming the debut line 'Calabasas', it happens to be the hometown of the Kardashian's and seems to mean a lot to Kim.

The Kids Supply launches today at 12pm PST/8pm BST.

Pictures courtesy of Instagram and Twitter.
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