Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Puma's Kiddie Range ♥️

These over-sized laced patent sneakers are cute. I first saw them in adult size, which have a ribbon lace.

I would of preferred that the laces on the kid's size was also ribbon material.

Puma Patent Sneakers, £34.99

Adidas would normally be my go-to brand for themed sneakers, but Puma have a few new arrivals in stock.

Check out Puma's new range:

Puma x Batman, Puma x Superman and Puma x Sesame Street.

Puma x Batman

Suede puma x Batman

Puma x Superman

The Puma x Sesame Street sneakers definitely make it on the *KS101 Blogger's Choice* list.

Elmo Edition

Cookie Monster

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