Saturday, 13 May 2017

Bomber Jackets Here, Bomber Jackets There Bomber Jackets Everywhere.

Bomber Jackets are the best style of Jackets for this time of year.

In the UK Spring can be a little chilly as well as a few glimpses of sunshine, so I find Bomber Jackets the best at keeping my children warm and cool when needed.

I love this Ruffle Sweat Bomber Jacket for my daughter. It's from River Island and is only £20.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*

Khaki Mesh Bomber Jacket, £15

The last Bomber Jacket I purchased for my son was a longline on which comes to just above his knees. I like to stay far from the norm so this Grey Acid Wash Bomber Jacket from River Island is a definite buy.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*

Boy's Suede-Look Bomber Jacket, £35

Girl's Burberry Satin Bomber Jacket

Boy's Burberry Satin Bomber Jacket

Gucci Children's Bomber Jacket

Childsplay Clothing is like "designer heaven". That's where you can find this Gucci Boy's Bomber Jacket and so much more.

Bomber Jackets are no longer looked at as that simple, casual outerwear. They are now making a statement, so why shouldn't your child?

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