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Interior Style: Bedrooms

Kiddiestyle101 doesn't just bring you kid's fashion we also love interior designing.

Having a teenager (Trav, 15) as well as younger children, (Hero,7, and Symphony, 6) their bedroom needs are very different. Trav needs storage/desk for clothing and study work whilst the younger two need space for their toys and to play.

Compact Space:

Of course we need to think about beds and that's one of the most important things to think about when you have limited space.

Does the bed have storage space?

Should I get a bunk bed?

Just Kids Franky Single Bunk Bed, £959.85, Way

This bunk bed comes complete with 3 drawers, a bookshelf and a cupboard. With all the storage that this bed provide you won't need extra storage for smaller items of clothing or toys.
Another good think about this bed is that it separates into two single beds.

I am a little concerned about my child being so high on the third bunk and purchasing this bed depends largely on the height of your room, but putting aside my low tolerance of heights and my low ceilings this triple bunk bed is perfect for a large family.

Just Kids 3 Tier Triple Bunk Bed, £409.99

I love the design of this Stompa L-Shaped Bunk Bed with a shelving unit and built-in desk.

This bed is not cheap. It's currently priced at just under £1600. 

Yes, that does sound a little on the expensive side but think how much it would cost to buy a separate desk, bed and sleeper bed/mini chaise lounge.  

I have found this bed available on another website, where you can buy the pieces individually. 

Price starts at just a little over, £500.

White. A neutral colour for boys....

...and girls.

Definitely a *KS101 Blogger's Choice*.

My Overall winner for practicality, style and price has to be this high sleeper with an attached desk, drawer, bookshelf and a small wardrobe all for under, £650. This bed is also available in white.

Montana Mezzine High Sleeper

Medium/Large Space

Like most girls my daughter loves the idea of waking up as a princess and a four poster bed fits right in.

Single Four Poster Bed, £267, Wayfair

This bed doesn't come with the drapes but you can but you can simply buy a few voile curtains which sell at a reasonable price...in other words, cheap.

This Louane Kids Small Tree Bookcase is such a brilliant idea. It's cute, functional and is available in up to 26 different colours from most online retailers.

£565, Cuckooland

Clothing storage is always important and if you have the space and in some cases the budget for a good sized wardrobe then here are Kiddestyle101's favourites.

Connect 3 Door Wardrobe, £395, Cuckooland
So much storage...

I found this Pinolino 2 Door Wardrobe to be very cute but as your child grows I don't think they'll be much space for larger clothing. Ideal wardrobe for kids aged 8-12.

The design of this Kids Locker Style 3 Door Wardrobe is what has made this my favourite one.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*
Because of the colour, at first you would think this wardrobe was made from metal - but it's actually made from solid pine.

To finish off this post I'll leave you with some additional furnishings I have seen along my online travels. 

Happy Shopping!!!

This storage tower is really handy and it also comes in blue.

I find storage chest and towers very useful as they can store your kids toys or even their clothes.

Wilkos Storage Tower, £14.99
Storage Chest, £59, Vertbaudet

Alphabet Play mats are good for bedrooms and playrooms as they can be used as a play mat/"rug" and a learning tool.

Alphabet Play Mat, £25

Snakes & Ladders Rug, £49, Modern Rugs

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