Friday, 21 July 2017

Novelty Beds

Whilst researching for a piece I did recently on children's bedrooms I came across so many novelty beds I thought why not do a post dedicated to themed beds.

Whether your child loves to play "Pirates" or wants to be next Lewis Hamilton shops have everything catering to all their hobbies and passions.

These beds are definitely in the expensive bracket and we all know that kids never seem to like one thing and stick to it, so buying a novelty bed may feel like waste of money to some people but just to see the smile on their faces and the happy run to their new bed...that out weighs everything.

"Does it really?"

"No, but it sounded good."

Here are my top picks from the Internet.

Boat Bed, £499.99

London Bus Bunk Bed, £614.99

Does your son want to be the next Lewis Hamilton?

Maybe your daughter wants to be the next Danika Patrick. This Gran Turismo Bed would definitely get them on the right path. (No pun intended)
Gran Turismo Bed, £439.99
This BMW Car Bed With LED Lighting is definitely a *KS101 Blogger's Choice*. It's a bit on the pricier side, (£599.99 on some sites) but it's something my son, Hero, would love.

*KS101 Blogger's Choice*
This Disney Princess Carriage Bed which comes with storage is cute and very practical for your little toddler.

"Oh wow!!!!"

This Treehouse Cabin bed is the cutest.

Pink Treehouse Bed, £1795

 It comes in over ten colours, including Pink (above), white and blue.

Have you got a child that wants to be a pilot in the family?

If so, then they'll love this Sky B Plane Bed. It's definitely on the expensive side. It's just under, £23,000.

Themed beds are a cute addition to a child's room.

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