Sunday, 2 July 2017

Shopping: Swimwear, Prices For Everyone!!!

The weather is getting better so I've been preparing myself to take the kids swimming. Every year I need to update the kids swimwear because they have either grown out of it or no longer like it and just want something new.

This post is aimed at all my readers. Whether you are on a budget or you're well off and can afford the high-end products.

In the UK, George@Asda is always a good place to shop for low priced products. Their swimwear selection is very good and the prices are great too.

Pineapple Foil Print Swimsuit and Skirt Set, £7

Laser Cut Bikini, £6

I took Symphony swimwear shopping and she saw this swimsuit which she loved, so obviously I had to buy.

*Blogger's Choice*

Marvel Swim Shorts, £6

MOLO Nalia Bikini, £33, Selfridges

MOLO swimwear is very bright and perfect for any summer vacation ANYWHERE!!!

MOLO Swimming Costume
Calvin Klein Logo Swimming Trunks, £33, Selfridges
Mini Rodini Ivory Tassels Swimsuit, £38, Childsplay Clothing
With a daughter named Symphony, this Mini Rodini Musical Notes Swimsuit is ideal. It definitely is a *KS101 Blogger's Choice*.

£35 from Childsplay Clothing

Let's not forget about the classic Burberry swimwear. (All the celebs kids have one or have had one.)

Burberry Red check Swimsuit, £80, Childsplay Clothing

Burberry Blue Check Trunks, £65, Childplay Clothing

Gucci Swimming Boxers, £125

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