Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Cybex PRIAM by CYBEX x Jeremy Scott

Cybex and Jeremy Scott have collaborated once again and as I've become accustomed to JS - I got exactly what I had expected.

CYBEX by Jeremy Scott

I'm in love. ♥️

CYBEX by Jeremy Scott Lux Seat & Frame, £1,450
This collection is definitely my favourite so far. It's classy with a modern edge and is suitable for both sexes.

With the Cybex PRIAM Lux Seat and Frame set, although the price range is quite high, you're purchasing a buggy which will see you through from birth to your child turning approximately 4 years old.

Everything about this pram is what I like.

Aton Q Car Seat, £285

It's like a souped up vehicle.

CYBEX PRIAM Carrycot (frame not included), £400

I don't normally post everything that comes with a buggy, but I couldn't resist.

Everything and I mean everything is a *KS101 Blogger's Choice* including this PRIAM Footmuff, £140.

Even if you cannot afford or simply don't want to spend the minimum price of £1450 it is for this buggy, then you can still buy the PRIAM Baby Carrier, it's at the more "budgetable" price of £175...

...or even the changing bag, which is priced at, £175 and comes with a changing mat and bottle holder.

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